Veg-Friendly Taoyuan


Have an eazy-going Veg Light Trip

Taoyuan Tourism

Travel is an interaction between people, the environment, and nature.

We may choose an friendly way to have the interaction, for oneselves and for the environment without possible impacts, leaving only valuable memories.

So we call "Veg Light Trip"

Light Trip

Choosing an eco-friendly hotel and decent meals with less carbon footprints, using our reusable tableware. Either showing our veg-friendly attitude.

Veg Light Trips

Mountain trips

Water activities

Cultural experiences

300+ Veg-Friendly restaurants

There are more than 300 veg-friendly restaurants in Taoyuan, whether by the mountains or by the sea, you can find them!


Super Bee has prepared a Veg Light Travel Essential Toolkit for you

Buffs for Trip

The all-seeing buff: An overall information "Taoyuan Tour - Easy Guide". We may easily find highlights to plan our trips.

TY Travel App

The news buff:Taoyuan Tour App, the official tour app, helps us have a smoother trip. The updates of Taoyuan are all in your hand!


The digging in the buff: The VEGE CITY MAPS App collected Veg-Friendly Restaurants around Taiwan. Whether planning or walking in, you can easily find Veg-Friendly foods nearby during the trip.

Taoyuan became Veg-Friendly Taoyuan

Visit the Market


Welcome to come by the all plant-based "VegFriends Meet up & Vegwink Gourmet Party"

Learn from the Sharing


"Asia Veg-City Fourm" Listen and learn the beauty of vegan gourmet from Leaders of Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

See the Exhibition


"Plants, the Lands and Lifes" Flavour of Taoyuan, the Exhibition is about the journey to discover new flavours of Taoyuan.

Veg-Friendly Guide

In recent years, the trends have been that people gradually pay more attention to environmental impacts and sustainability related to physical and mental health. More tourists are strategizing to choose eco-friendly and veg-friendly ways during travels.

In order to assist business owners who are willing to provide eco and veg-Friendly options, to be seen widely, Taoyuan City Government officially supported and promoted the "Veg-Friendly Guide" certification. Together we can create a friendly environment that is not only in line with global trends but also as a headline of the future, the Veg-Friendly City.