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Join Now, to be a part of the Veg-Friendly Guide ! Together we promote the healthy and sustainable Lifestyle. The Veg-Friendly Lifetyle.🌱

Plant-Based diet is not only the international trend, but also the leading-advantage of Taiwan.

Low-carbon footprint, eco-friendly, flexible plant-based diet, physical and mental health are considered as the leading-topics around the world. According to the the global analysis, over 40% popularity around the world considered as having flexiable plant-based diet. Moreover, in Taiwan along, there are over 3 million of population in the terms of vegetarian. Seeing more people show more interests in plant-based options, surfing with waves of the trend, Taiwan can develop its great adventages to attract consumers who care about healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainbility from all over the world.

Taoyuan City is promoting "Veg-Friendly Guide, the certification for listing business with plant-based options", inviting you to join as a friendly provider for the world, the leading-line to be seen from all over the word.

Guideline of Certification


One of products adapts to all types of diets: The ingredients used should cover various types of plant-based diets, The wider the range the better to be compatible with various diets and cultures.


Use clear and simple texts or icons to assist customers to identify plant-based options easily and clearly.


Service providers should serve with open-minded, friendly attitude and patience, to respect each individual and one's habbits, diets, and cultral background.

How to apply


Before 2024 Jun 15th,

Complete the form to register. Provide necessary information to introduce your business (services). List plant-based products or diet options according to the standard of guideline.

Reviewing Applications


We will have a process to review all applications and to confirm the qualification of products and services.

List Annoucement


The result will be annouced and listed on official website. Congratulations to be a part of qualified "Taoyuan Veg-Friendly Guide".